Pacific Islands News & Information Database (PINI)

(formerly known as Niustext)

– is a rapidly growing research archive, that is updated daily. It is a full text database comprising articles from Newspapers, Magazines & Journals, Bulletins and Reports. Currently (July 2014) there are around half a million articles in the database.

These articles are from the following sources:

Cook Islands Newspapers

Cook Islands News – 1992 – current date

Cook Islands Herald – 2007 – Jan 2010

Cook Islands Times – June – Dec 2008, Aug 14 2009

*Cook Islands TV

*Cook Islands Radio

Press Releases from the Pacific Islands

Islands Business – 2005 to current date

Journal of the Polynesian Society*

Pacific Business Online – 2008 to 7 April 2010

Pacific Economic Bulletin – June 1987 to December 2010

Pacific Journalism Review – 1994 – to current date

Pacific Media Centre News – 2007- to current date

Pacific Scoop – 18 June 2009 to current date

Pacnews – 1996 – to current date

Radio NZ International News – November 2009 – to current date

Fiji Islands Business* – 2005 to current date

Fiji Broadcasting Ltd – Radio News transcripts – 2007 to current date

Mai Life* – April 2010 (archive in progress)

Tongan Newspapers

*Tonga Chronicle

*Taimi ‘o Tonga

TruthBTold – 2009

Note that this resource is under development and the archive is being expanded at the same time that new stories are daily added. Those publications marked with the * indicate data is being worked on and may not be available for searching yet. Check the News page for any updates/changes to holdings in the meantime.